Monday, January 7th 2019, National Research Council of Indonesia held a meeting with Kevin Sommer, Jesse Chung and Florence Widmann from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) in the National Research Council Secretariat meeting room BPPT 1 Building, 1st Floor, Jakarta.


This meeting was opened by the Chairman of the National Research Council, Dr. Ir Bambang Setiadi, IPU. He expressed his gratitude for visiting the office of the National Research Council and making the National Research Council a supported on their visit in order to visit for exploring the ASEAN delegation 2019. Furthermore, the Chairman of DRN gave a brief presentation on the National Research Council and Biodiversity Innovation in Indonesia. In the brief explanation from the Chairman of DRN, that at the Innovation Day 2018 event has provided at least 10 various kinds of industrial research and cooperation both in the form of Memorandum of Agreement, letters or other types of cooperation agreements.


Their arrival this time is in the preparation stage of the ASEAN Delegation event to discuss a mission for the arrival of 22 students and 4 Professors from Switzerland in April 2019, who will study the business of various products, processes and industries in ASEAN countries: especially Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam. DRN reminded the importance of the very strong biodiversity of ASEAN countries as the basis for implementing global business, towards Sustainable Bioeconomy. And they were very interested in this meeting discussion. Hopefully, in this meeting will be to support Biodiversity Innovation in Indonesia in terms of promoting innovative products from the Indonesian CoE at the International Research / Business Institute, expanding international collaboration for technology development, product certification and product deployment and increasing synergy of continuous innovation between the Center of Excellence Indonesia with the International Research / Business Institute. (K)

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